Yin Phase (chapter of shadow) is the phase where you will take control of Utsuki.


Utsuki came with her sister Kureha to the manor to search for their father who was the elder priest of the manor. Kureha told Utsuki to stay, but she didn't return. Utsuki then searched for her sister and found Sakuya as she performed a cleansing ritual near the mulberry tree. Sakuya then helped Utsuki who was being attacked by a gaki and gave her some spell cards. Utsuki can now enter the manor. Later in the manor, Utsuki found her father Doman and fought Lord Fujiwara who became the hungry ones or the sick people. Utsuki got the bell from after defeat Lord Fujiwara and used it to call Ayako, after a brief conversation, the twins appeared and Kureha abducted Ayako. Utsuki opened the small shrine using the disks and spikes. Later, Utsuki found herself inside the temple from the passage below the small shrine. She passed out in the temple and found herself in the underground caves. She met her father again. He told the story about the cocoon and the wicker chest and told her to get into it. After getting inside the wicker chest, she will wake up at the shrine. Later she will encounter with a mysterious person. After defeat him, she will go to the other mulberry tree. That is the place where Kureha is found dead because Utsuki was surprised by the twins but Kureha thinks that Utsuki pushed her to the wall. The twins offered her to make Kureha alive by putting her to the wicker chest. Utsuki then falls to the cliff where Kureha died. But, she didn't die. Later, she realized that the cocoon will not revive the dead. She's then infected by the disease and said that she must merge with someone. Sakuya then appeared again and Utsuki asked for help.


Utsuki – Chapter of Shadow Starting Inventory: Dust x 2, Vessel x 2, Sacred Cloth: Earth, Doman’s Note, Guardian Knife

Utsuki begins in the circular section of Garden: West. A Dust x 1 sits by the corpse at the bottom of the screen, and then takes the path until you have your first experience with a Tempest as the stone pagoda falls over. Kureha appears briefly on the other side of the fallen pagoda and checking the pagoda again after she vanishes gives you the hint that you must find another way around. Follow the right-hand path to get to Garden: Tree. The Silkworm Disk is next to the body to the left of the tree. Walk toward the save point and note the glint on the ground behind you. Upon returning to the spot where the body was, you discover it’s been dragged to the water, leaving a Demon Suppressing Spike behind. Pick the spike up and save your game. If you try to continue to the right, something pounds on the door and makes it Impassable. The door down the stairs won’t open at this stage of the game, so go back to the left. You can see the round section you started in, and a gaki is chewing on the corpse there. Keep following the path and inspect the small statue by the bridge. Pick up the Manor Map and the Scroll: Survival 1, and the Jizo statue’s head falls off. The sound attracts the gaki, who jumps over and attacks you. Defeat it and cross the bridge to the Spring. As you enter the area, a set of twins giggle and run off. (If you watched the opening sequence, you recognize them from there.) Continue through the Spring to reach the Small Shrine. Upon entering the Small Shrine, the same eerie singing from the beginning fills the area. There are three paths to take. Take the center stone path to find the twins in front of the Temple door. They stop singing to gleefully inform you everyone is dead, and then run away. Take the Lady Fujiwara Memorandum from the door to the temple to see the twins running down the far left path. Follow the deck to the right and go down the stairs. Approach the gap between the spikes for the Purpled Covered Book to fall down from above. Try to pick the book up and the body of the author will fall on your head. Pick up the book, and then climb the stairs again. Go all the way to the left to fight a gaki and find a door blocked by Seal: Venus. Go back down the stairs and take the Left path this time. Pick up the blood slick card Hibari x 9 from the right of the save point. Inspect the small shrine to find out where the disks and spikes are supposed to go. Return to Manor: Tree to meet Sakuya (Yang Phase). You give her the Sacred Cloth: Earth and she give you Hibari x 10, Sutegumo x 10, and Saiga x 2. Go to the right to see that the doors to Garden: East are now open. Follow the path through the doors to the right. When you try to open the doors to Manor: Entry, a Tempest occurs, and a Yamabito walks “through” you. Try to open them again to gain entry. A gaki attacks immediately after you enter the area. Defeat it, then note the small shrine locked with Seal: Mercury to your right. In the center is a staircase blocked by rubble, so continue to the far left to reach Manor: Guard. Kureha's Note is to the right of the door. Pick it up and follow the path to the door blocked by Seal: Saturn. The deck to the left is blocked, so continue up the stairs to the right. Make a left as soon as you can and enter the room at the end of the deck. It is labeled 'West Guardhouse' on the map. A Guardian Dog statue sits on the cart directly across from the door, and the Scroll: Survival 2 and a Vessel x 1 are on the carts in the middle of the room. At the rear of the room is the Seer's Symbol puzzle (aka the wheel puzzle). To solve it, rotate each ring around and push X until you hear a deep "clunk" Sound instead of the normal "click". If it clicks, push the cancel button and try the next one. Once all four rings are aligned, the mechanism deactivates and you can enter the back room. Two gaki are inside. Be cautious because the enclosed space makes it easy for them to gang up on you. Once they're defeated, pick up the pliers from the cart. Check the chests on the other side of the room for Dust x 1 (left chest) and Sutegumo x 8 (right chest). Exit the West Guardhouse completely, go back out to the main part of the deck, and continue to the right. Follow it around then walk slightly north to reach Ayako's Room (Manor: West). Ayako is in her room, but when she sees you she scampers backward and runs into her inner chambers to hide. Pick up Ayako's Letter for a clue - you have to find a Bell to convince Ayako to open her locked door. A Hibari x 10 sits on the left wall. Leave the lighted section of her quarters but don't exit to Manor: Guard. To the right, the path is blocked by a partition, so go left. A Tempest and a vision of someone walking away will tell you if you're going the right way. In the middle of the room, another Tempest will occur, and slightly beyond that a man in yellow with a purple aura walks away. Follow him around the corner. A small cut scene will occur and you will be able to inspect a hole in the wall. Look through the hole and use the left thumb stick to look around the ENTIRE room. To your right, Ayako stands behind the door she just locked with her back to you. To your left, a woman in red slithers out from under the dresser, then Looks at you. You will step back from the hole. Look again to see a close-up of the woman's eye. Utsuki confirms that the woman is Kureha, her sister. Since the hole is blocked if you try to look again, continue around and take the exit to Manor: Corridor. Go slightly south and hit X to knock over some beams, opening up another access to Ayako's Room. However, the noise also causes a Tempest and draws at least one Ghost. Dispatch the Ghost and head north to open the left door to the Servant's Housing. Collect the Servant's Memorandum from the floor. When you attempt to exit the room, someone starts pounding on it. As soon as you walk through the doors, two gaki will attack you. Dispatch them and move on. Bypass the door to the other half of the Servant's Housing since it is locked with Seal: Venus. Continuing down, there is a door marked with a large Seal: Earth. It has a note in blood next to it: “The seal must not be removed. The creature in there is not a gaki.”Continue following the path around until you see the stairway to Manor: Entry. A gaki is chewing on the corpse there. Try to walk back to the left and the gaki will knock the rubble out of the way and attack you. Once it is dead, enter Manor: Main to reach the Lord's Suite. A Hibari x 12 is in the middle of the room. Take the left door to reach a storage area off the suite. Pick up the Green Bound Book then inspect the chair in the right rear corner of the room. A body will fall off the chair and drop the Sacred Cloth: Mercury. Exit the storage area. Continue to the right side of the Lord's Suite. Walk to the bloody corner in the back of the room for a short cut scene, then use your newly-acquired Sacred Cloth: Mercury to open the door to Manor: Garden. (Note: If you run up the either side of the room, you will knock over a stack of items and a couple of Ghosts attack. Go north as soon as you enter the garden. There are two doors. One has a Seal: Venus on it, the other is blood-soaked. Enter the blood-soaked door to Discover Doman stuffing something into a wicker chest. He gives you the Sacred Cloth: Venus and sends you out to look for your sister. Use the Sacred Cloth: Venus to unseal the door you passed a moment ago. Something is trapped in the dresser inside. Open it and a mass of flesh called Ennyo falls on the ground and attacks. This creature hardly moves at all, but the angle makes it difficult to hit. Run to the other side of the room and pelt it with magic to kill it. Then collect the Elixir x 1 and Hibari x 9 from the dresser. Exit and continue to the right. Take the first door past the bloody room to reach the Manor: East bedroom. There is a door next to the bed that is locked by a Zodiac Puzzle. Skip it for now, and continue down the hallway. You will come out above a flight of stairs. Take the stairs and make a left. Crouch under the decks in the Manor: Garden to reach the save point. When you leave the save point, a ghost appears above you. Return to the top of the stairs and continue to the right. Take the first fork to the left to find a door with a Seal: Mercury. Use your Sacred Cloth to open the door. Inside is another sealed door, this time with Seal: Earth, a Vessel x 1 and the Silkworm Journal Vol. 1 near the rear of the room. After you've collected everything, head back out and take the next left-hand fork. The Manor: Quarters are at the end of the deck, sealed by Venus. Open the door and go to the rear of the room. The Seer's Memorandum sparkles on the bloody suit of armor, and the Metal Spike is in the wooden pillar nearby. Use the pliers to remove the spike, and a gaki will fall from the ceiling. Kill it and collect the spike. Walk back out and Kureha will be dragging something in the opposite direction. Follow the bloody trail and look through the door. Check the hole in the floor for a Tempest, and then go back to the right to the Manor: Spring. When the deck splits, take the door to Manor: Carriage. A gaki attacks when you enter, and a Tsuchi Jogo x 4 and a Sutegumo x 6 are in the room actually marked Carriage on the map. Exit the carriage area and continue to the right to reach the Spring Pavilion. A Guardian Dog statue is on the ground by the first body you see, as well as The Sacred Cloth: Earth and a Dust x 1. Watch where you run, because knocking over the trays of food will summon Ghosts. Return to the Manor: East bedroom. On your way back from the Pavilion, make a side trip to unseal the Earth door inside the room across from the Quarters. (Check your map if you're confused.) A Hien x 6 and a Vessel x 1 are inside. Once you reach the bedroom, pick up the Hibari x 9 from the gore-soaked bed, then inspect the Zodiac Puzzle to open the door. ** NOTE ** you can do this part now, or wait until you find the clue scroll, it’s up to you, but I tend to just get it out of the way as I’m going along. The puzzle is fairly simple to solve. Push the middle button on the side once. Push the second button on the top once. Push the fourth button on the top once. Voila. It’s done. The final arrangement should be: Rooster – Dog – Pig – Rat Dragon – Rabbit – Tiger – Bull Snake – Horse – Sheep – Monkey Collect the Vessel x 1 and use the two Guardian Dog statues on the plinths by the altar. The altar opens to reveal the Old Disk and the Big Dipper Map. When you come out, follow the bloody trail through the open door and back around to the Lord's Suite. GO through the Lord's Suite and out to the Manor: Entry. Take a right and inspect the small shrine with the Seal: Mercury. Pick up the Crow Disk and the Hibari x 10, and then take the left path to Manor: Guard. The left path, which was previously blocked by items, is now open. If you run by the stacked obstacles, you'll knock some of them over and Ghost x 2 will appear. This side leads to Manor: Fish Hut. There is only one way open – continue straight across from the entryway. Utsuki will fall through the floor and the two Yamabito will get up and attack. After they are defeated, make your way around the Pavilion and collect a Hibari x 10, Vessel x 1, and Elixir x 1. On your way around, you'll notice a twinkle off to the far right. GO down the stairs to the beach. Head to the left first to reach a save point, then walk to the right. As you approach the partitioned area, a woman in yellow slithers away and a man in yellow attacks. He's extremely fast and fairly strong, so stay back and pelt him with magic to take care of him quickly. Once he is dispatched, check the partitioned area for Fumon x 2 and the Constellation Map. Return to Manor: Corridor and use the Sacred Cloth: Venus on the sealed side of the Servant's Housing. Collect the Tsuchi Jogo x 2 and the Chinese Zodiac Scroll. Exit the room and used your newly-acquired Sacred Cloth: Earth on the door that has "The creature in here is not a gaki" next to it. This opens up the rear section of the Lord's Suite. Follow the corridor to the right until a gaki knocks the north wall out. Kill it and go through the new doorway. Another gaki will attack from the right. Once it's done, go through the door to the North Pavilion. The first door you encounter contains a wicker chest with some silk clinging to it. Inspect the chest and a gaki will attack from behind. Defeat it and move on to the next room. Unseal the door with the Sacred Cloth: Venus. When you enter the room you will hear a bell ringing. In the middle of the room, you will be hit by a Tempest. BE SURE TO MEDITATE AND HEAL BEFORE APPROACHING THE BELL. Walk towards the bell and Lord Fujiwara, now a horribly deformed monster, attacks! He is extremely fast, so I recommend staying back and pelting him with magic. When you hit him, he falls flat on the ground. At that point, until he gets back up, he cannot be hit. If he grabs you check your health immediately. Don’t stop using your magic and he should be easily defeated. Another helpful spell is the Saiga summon; however you have to decide how to ration those two cards. After the battle, check the corpse if you feel like it then goes collect the bell. The blockage is gone from the door, so when you get close enough you are automatically taken outside the room. Return through the Lord’s Suite. Now "This is where I died" is written on the wall in blood. You will be attacked by a Yamabito; defeat it then return to Ayako's Room via Manor: Corridor. On the way there, note the blood by the Servant Housing. The door is open; enter to find a gaki's body. When you exit the room, the Disciple you fought on the beach earlier runs at you from the right. Get away from him and use a similar strategy as what you used on the beach. Pelt with magic, avoid him, repeat until he dies, and then move on. Once you reach Ayako’s Room, stand directly in front of the doors and use the Bell to convince Ayako to open the door. A short cut scene where the girls discuss the evil aura around the mansion occurs, followed by Ayako’s abduction. Search the room after the scene ends to collect the Silkworm Journal Vol. 2 from the pallet, and the Metal Spike and a Dust x 1 from the cart. Now you have all the disks and spikes. Head back towards the small shrine, saving at the Manor: Tree site before continuing on. Once you reach the Spring, you have an option to fight some extremely strong enemies. Inspect the bloody trail at the water's edge to see a short cut scene, and then try to walk away. Three Mizuhiki attack. If you choose to fight then, DO NOT let the three of them gang up on you. Stay out of range of their splashing and gas attacks, and pelt them with magic. Once they are dead, or if you have bypassed this battle completely, continue to the right and to the Small Shrine. Take the center path again and climb the stairs. Go to the left side of the deck and unseal the door blocked by Seal: Venus. Pick up the Tsuchi Jogo x 4 and the Shrine Entrance Guide, and then take the left path once again. Operate the device on the small shrine. The Silkworm Disk goes in the top hole, the Crow Disk goes in the lower right hole, and the Old Disk goes in the lower left hole. The doors open, and you can take the ladder to Shrine: Cellar. A Hibari x 10 is on the ground near the ladder. Follow the passage to its end and climb the rope to Temple: North. Pick up the Temple Map from the floor and go through the door. There is a large hole in the floor; when you try to go around the Yamabito grab you and cause a Tempest. Meditate to restore your health after you get away and go through the door to Temple: South. To the right, a bloody cocoon blocks the way, so take the left door. Follow the path around to the Library, which has a large Seal: Earth on it. Open the door and collect the Scroll: Exorcism and the Priest's Journal Vol. 1 from the shelves, and the Winter Blade from the open box. When you try to leave you see the twins running away through the lattice. Exit and follow them. A Tempest just outside will summon a Ghost, but continue on to see the twins chanting outside of the Study door. Inside the study, a cut scene will show the source of the chanting voice you've heard. The Temple priest is infected and dying, and as he warns you away from the Temple and the manor, one of the Yamabitos kills him. After that scene, pick up the medicine jar from the ground next to the priest's body and return to the Temple: South. The cocoon blocking your way before is now ready to hatch. A gaki pops out. After its dead, continue to the right and take the first door. A Vessel x 1 is in the room, and a cut scene of someone running frantically through the sick in the Temple occurs. Exit the room and go down the stairs to see Kureha dragging a wicker chest towards the Main Hall. At the bottom of the stairs a Tempest occurs and the twins appear to block the path back. Go through the door directly across from the stairs first to pickup Yakushi's Legend, Priest's Journal Vol. 2, and a Hien x 6. The left door leads to a save point. Exit the room and go to the left. The door to the Main Hall is now open. Collect the Sutegumo x 6 on the left side of the room, and then climb the stairs to the altar. Use the Medicine Jar on the Yakushi Statue, and a passage to the Main Cellar opens. In the Main Cellar, check the gate on the left for Sacred Cloth: Mars. Kureha will wander away behind you - follow her. Past the bridge just slightly, the corpse of an astrologer is surrounded by several items. Pick up the Silkworm Journal Vol. 3 and the Elixir x 1. The end of the passage is blocked with a Seal: Saturn. Turn around and head back out. When you reach the bridge, an Adamushi falls from the ceiling and attacks. The easy way to dispose of him is to drop a Tsuchi Jogo in front of him and wait for him to walk into it. Otherwise, pelt him with magic from a distance. Exit to the Main Hall of the Temple, and when you try to leave a cut scene is triggered. Utsuki wakes up in a wicker chest in Underground: NE immediately afterwards. Check the cart across from the save point for a Tsuchi Jogo x 4, a Hibari x 10, and a Vessel x 1. Save and take the passage south. Near the end of the passage a Tempest will occur and a Yamabito and the same Disciple you've fought twice already will be wandering around the cavern. The passage south is blocked by silk threads, so defeat the Yamabito and Disciple and inspect the other two passages. The passage to the far left contains a Reiko x 3, Elixir x 1, and a Vessel x 1. The center passage has a green partition - check behind the partition for a corpse with a scythe embedded in it. Collect the scythe and use it to cut the silk blocking the south passage. That passage takes you to the Nursery, where Doman is overseeing a cocoon. He tells Utsuki to get back in the chest, and takes the left passage. Check the room to find Sutegumo x 8, Kugutsu Onna x 4, and Dust x 2 on the bottom cart and Vessel x 1 and Underground Map on the upper cart. Follow Doman and peer through the crevice to see Kureha throw someone down on a chest. Return to the Nursery to see Kureha break a cocoon and open a passage. Follow her. An Adamushi will attack, and then you will enter a room with many corpses hanging from the ceiling. The door is blocked by Seal: Uranus, so go to speak to the twins. Follow them to the Nursery and walk to the very back of the room to find Kureha and what appears to be Utsuki's bodies on a wicker chest. The twins convince Utsuki to enter the chest with Kureha. Utsuki wakes up in Shrine: Torii. Check the wicker chest to the right of the bridge for Sacred Cloth: Neptune. (Note: This is not a vital cloth but it does open up a minigame for you.) Climb the rope ladder to Shrine: Garden. Two gaki will attack immediately. The right path leads to the floodgate, but nothing is there. The left path leads to a save point and another set of doors. Go through the doors to Shrine: Storage. Climb the stones to reach the shed. At the top of the path, a Yamabito paces back and forth. The Sacred Cloth: Neptune will allow entry to the first door. Inside, there is a sick man who says he is allowed to live because he produces cocoons. Pick up the Decorated Diary from the cart, and the Fudobaku from the cart upstairs. Also, look under the second cart for the Sugoroku Pieces. They are hard to see (look behind the hanging body to see them) but they are half of what's needed to open the Sugoroku Mini-Game. Exit that room and take the other shed door. Two Yamabito are hovering over something on the raised platform, but they don't attack until you approach. On the cart on the ground, a Vessel x 2 and Hibari x 9 wait for you. When you climb on to the raised platform, an Elixir x 1 and Scroll: Silkworm Shrine sits on the carts. Exit the shed and climb back down the stones. Continue slightly right and cross the bridge. A Tempest will summon two ghosts in the storage area. An Elixir x 1 and Dust x 2 are on the cart above the jars, and the Shrine Map is hanging on the wall in the back. The hole in the wall is blocked by lumber, so take the door into Utsuki's Room. Pick up the Vessel x 1 and Dust x 2. Follow the passage and pick up the Elegant Diary laying behind the partition. A man in yellow is walking along the corridor. Follow him to a room with a ruptured cocoon and a trail of blood. Pick up the Vessel x 3 and follow the blood out to Utsuki's Entry. Cross the bridge and climb the rocks to get to Shrine: Hall. Explore the hall. All doors accept the entry and the doors in the middle of the room (I call this section the Inner Sanctum) are blocked or sealed at this point, so take the doors to the Inner Sanctum. Collect the Summer Blade, Doman's Book Vol. 1, Kugutsu Onna x 4, and Hien x 12. The man in yellow is in here too, and when you approach him he runs away, screaming "I don't want to die!" Follow him back out and see him run away outside. Return to Utsuki's Room. Upon passing the door with the gaki pinned on it, that door will fall over and block your passage back. Continue back out to Shrine: Storage. Walk towards the back wall for the man in yellow, Dokai, to finally attack! He mostly stays back and throws Hibari at you. Dodge the Hibari and follow up with some heavy magic of your own. If you have a Saiga summon left, this is a good time to use it. He's a pain, but with practice his fire arrows become easier to dodge. Once he is dead, check his corpse for the Sacred Cloth: Uranus. Climb through the hole in the wall that was previously blocked by lumber to enter another part of Utsuki's Room. This room has several blood-soaked chests and the vertigo effect. Pick up Kureha's Diary from the table at the back of the room. Once you read through it, a cut scene occurs where Utsuki writes something in the diary. Check it again once the cut scene is finished for a chilling addition to the last page... Pick up the Mari x 4 on the floor, and then go back out to Utsuki's Entry. Continue until you reach the shrine then unseal the Uranus-blocked door within. Go through the door to Shrine: Entry. A gaki will attack, and then continue down the stairs and cross the bridge to Shrine: Tree. The twins are there, although one of them seems to be dead. The surviving twin tells you to go to the Mulberry Tree. Utsuki remembers that this is where the accident happened, and dives off the cliff. She lands safely in Underground: Cliff. Take the north path (past the small shrine) to Underground: NW. Save, and then pick up the Iron Wedge x 2, Hien x 12, and Vessel x 1 from the cart to the left. The wall by the cart appears to be cracked; use the Iron Wedge on it to open a passage. Moving south along the passage, you’ll encounter a Yamabito. Defeat it then take the right-hand path to find a Kugutsu Onna x 4 at the dead end. Backtrack then head south into the Nursery. Open the wicker chest at the bottom of the screen for Dust x 2 and the note that “A tool was obtained from the chest.” Take the left fork to enter the Dream chamber with two Adamushi. If possible, drop a Tsuchi Jogo summon in front of one of them. That should take it out easily and allow you to concentrate your attacks on the other one. DO NOT LET THEM CORNER YOU. Since they will double team you, they only need to attack you 4-5 times and you’re toast. After the Adamushi are dead, exit through the other set of doors. Inspect the bloody water and the ‘tainted vessels’ twice then inspect the wall beside the water. A Tempest will occur then a voice will say “I might’ve been killed right here.” This opens the way for a cacophony of voices – most notably Utsuki yelling, “Kureha, stop!” and the twins saying “They’re all dead. Won’t you play with us?” Avoid the pool of blood in the center of the room. If you step in it, you will be sucked in and it's Game Over. Check the wall on the lower right side of the dream chamber to discover its weak; use the Iron Wedge to break it. Walk down the short corridor and use the bridge to enter the nursery. The twins are beside a chest, and the surviving twin explains to you that a new life is about to emerge. Continue to the south and use the Sacred Cloth: Uranus to access Underground: SW. Immediately another Adamushi attacks, and another emerges when you attempt to check the chests scattered around the room. Defeat them both and continue south. Enter the door of the underground structure and kill the Yamabito inside. Pick up the Elixir and the Vessel x 1. Note the door locked with Seal: Jupiter, and go through the open door to the Library. The door to the right of the entrance won’t budge; walk to the back of the room and pick up Doman’s Book Vol. 5 and Sacred Cloth: Jupiter. A cut scene is triggered in which Doman tells Utsuki that the twins killed Kureha and put her in the chest, and then tells her to give in to her urges and merge with someone else. Return to the underground structure and use the Sacred Cloth: Jupiter on the sealed door inside. The back room has several puppets and the collectible items Crumpled Note – Doman and Kugutso Onna x 4. Return to the chamber with the chests where you fought the Adamushi. Use the Sacred Cloth: Jupiter to open the right-hand door to the Main Cellar. Once inside the Main Cellar, walk to where the twin is sitting to trigger a Cut scene in which Utsuki tries to merge with Sakuya.

Yin WeaponryEdit

  • Guardian Knife – beginning weapon. Ceremonial knife given to Utsuki by her father, Doman.
  • Winter Knife – Found in the Temple at the Manor. Defensive knife used by the God of Winter. Cuts an icy swath through the air.
  • Summer Knife – Found in the Silkworm Shrine. Offensive knife used by the God of Summer. Cuts a flaming swath through the air.

Yin spell and summoningsEdit

Spell cardsEdit

  • Hibari - Fiery arrows piercing an enemy. Useful against Yamabito, Mizuhiki and Ennyo.
  • Hien - Summer's wrath in the form of fire. Deals more damage than Hibari. Useful against Yamabito, Ennyo and Adamushi.
  • Onibi - Summer's anger in the form of fire. Useful against multiple enemies.
  • Sen'in Sekka - Powerful spell, piercing an enemy with icy shards. It has an auto-lock on mode to target enemies. Useful against Adamushi and Ennyo.
  • Fumon - A silk coffin for a weaken enemy. Instant death for enemies that have a few health left.

Summon CardsEdit

  • Saiga - Wolf that fiercely protects his master. Useful against Lord Fujiwara and Dokai.
  • Sutegumo - Arachnid-type creature with slow movement. Useful against weak enemies,like Gaki and Mizuhiki.
  • Fudobaku - Living magicial area paralyzing demons. Useful against one or two enemies due to small area.
  • Tsuchi Jogo - Hands pulling demons into an underground spring. Instant death against Adamushi.
  • Reiko - Creature whose body exudes the ordor of blood. (In my game play, Reiko doesn't hurt enemies. It's for stopping an enemy(or two enemies) in their tracks for a certain amount of time to back off and run to a safe spot to restore health or use spell cards. It's very weak, even gakis can kill it in one swipe. Overall, it isn't a good summon card.)
  • Kugutsu Onna - Puppet woman, obeying her master's orders. Useful against
  • Yamabito and infected exorcists.
  • Mari - Living orb of energy, exploding on contact. Useful against Adamushi and all bosses.
  • Gaki - Hungry demon who feast on the flesh of its own. Useful against weak enemies like Gaki and Mizuhiki.
  • Mizuhiki - Undead merman, once an amphibious humanoid. Useful against weak enemies, but has low health. Therefore it's suitable for enemies with few or weak attacks.
  • Ennyo - A demon huntress who slays demon. Useful against Yamabito and Ennyo.
  • Adamushi - Vicious insect man, who instinct to kill. Useful against Yamabito and Ennyo.
  • Yamabito - Sick person with weak power, but high defense. (Yamabito doesn't have much high defense in my game play. It has good endurance against weak enemies but very low defense against stronger enemies like Adamushi and Ennyo.)


1. Doman's Note: - Letter written by Doman dated two weeks prior.

Dear Utsuki,

I have been summoned by the Lord, who resides in the manor.

I shall be gone for a time. The Lord is aquiring my prayers and skills.

He is convinced that his manor is cursed; I believe he has an overly vivid imagination.

Most likely, he saw a rat and mistook it for a creature of the other world. At least, that is what I think. I shouldn't be away for very long, but take care of the shrine in my absence. You must not forget to take care of the silkworms!

Also, I am worried about Kureha's health. Please watch over her.

2. Kureha's Note: - Note left for Kureha dated two weeks ago.

I will be away for some time. If something strange happens, proceed to the manor.

I'll prepare many victims for you to merge with.

3. Survival 1: - Unsigned scroll

Basical Survival:

Do not run.

Be as quiet as possible.

If you make any noise... A gaki will detect your presence.

4. Survival 2: - Unsigned scroll

Advanced Survival:

If you are attacked, struggle. Struggle with all your might!

5. Lady Fujiwara Memorandum: - Note addressed to Lady Fujiwara.

Milady, I have placed the remaining wooden disks in the manor's small shrine and in the altar.

Don't worry about the two spikes. I have entrusted them to Miss Ayako and to the seer who's here inspecting the manor. The two of us are going to hide in the garden. Please take care of yourself.

6. Purple Covered Book: - Purple covered book, emitting a foul odour.

The residents of the manor are disappearing, and not one of them have returned alive. Sometimes their corpses are discovered, and they are always horrible to behold.

Some of them were killed with bamboo spears. Others were discovered under the eaves, but were unrecognizable. Only bits of their flesh remained.

I too may suffer that same fate.

7. Servant's Memorandum: - Memorandum written by a servant concerning Ayako.

Terrified of the demons that came out at night, Ayako sobs.

Shut up in her room, she weeps silently.

She believes the demons won't notice her if she hides in her room and doesn't make a sound.

Miss Ayako will open the door only when Lady Fujiwara rings the bell brought from the North Pavillion.

Ayako is as beautiful as an angel!

We servants have vowed to protect her, no matter the cost...

8. Ayako's Letter: - Letter from Lady Fujiwara to her daughter.

Dear Ayako, I am going to the temple because the manor is in danger. If it's safe there, I will come to get you. Until I signal you by ringing the bell, do not open the door.

If I haven't returned in ten days, gather up the wooden disks and spikes, and proceed to the temple.

9. Green Bound Book: - Green covered book with teeth marks.

I saw Miyoshimaru break a seal when he was sick.

Miyoshimaru used some kind of blood-stained cloth and rubbed it against the seal.

So he's the one who sealed the door! If I can get some of his blood, I should be able to escape from the manor.

I'll wait until he's not looking. Then I shall strike and have some of his blood.

10. The Seer's Memorandum: - Warning left by the Seer.

The spike was used to suppress the gaki. Do not removed it under any circumstances.

11. Silkworm Journal: Vol. 1: - Records of silkworms kept by Miyoshimaru.

June 17 The servant boy, Miyoshimaru, gave me some silkworms eggs. I saw many of these black eggs on the mulberry leaves. When I thanked him and gave him a toy to play with, he bowed to me again and again.

Everyone ridicules Miyoshimaru and says he's feeble-minded. But I like this gentle soul.

June 18 I'm keeping these silkworms eggs a secret from my mother and sister. If they see them, they'll make a fuss because they're squeamish.

I watched them all day, but nothing happened. Tomorrow, I'll ask Miyoshimaru if there's something special I need to do.

June 19 Miyoshimaru told me that the eggs will hatch in ten days. They need to be kept in a warm place.

I put them in a room that receives more sunlight.

June 22 The eggs are turning grey.

I was upset, because I thought they might have rotten. When I asked Miyoshimaru, he said they should hatch very soon.

June 24 The silkworms have broken out of their shells! They're very small, about the size of my fingertip and covered with fur.

Following Miyoshimaru's instructions, I gave them young mulberry leaves, which they gobbled up. At this rate, they'll grow quickly.

12. Silkworm Journal: Vol. 2: - Records of silkworms kept by Miyoshimaru.

June 27 The silkworms have lost their fur. Their bodies are beautiful - shiny and translucent.

I'm worried though, some of them seem weak. They don't move at all.

June 28 Miyoshimaru told me that the silkworms that don't move are just sleeping, and that I don't need to worry. So silkworms sleep, too!

July 4 I noticed that the silkworms had grown when I looked at them this morning. Though only a few days have passed, they've doubled in size. They grow much faster than people. Miyoshimaru has been so kind to me. I must give him something. I wonder what he'd like.

July 5 I'm going to teach Miyoshimaru to read and write. I tried to give him the little sword father gave me, but he wouldn't accept it.

He's not at all greedy.

Some of the silkworms don't eat very much. They're just like him.

July 10 The silkworms have shed their skins many times, and continue to grow.

They're all so different. Some of them lift up their heads and look around, as though they were thinking. While others crawl all around all day.

A few have died.

July 18 The silkworms do nothing but devour mulberry leaves all day. They've grown so fat. I'm worried they'll burst out of their skins.

Miyoshimaru said they'll be cocoons soon.

13. Silkworm Journal: Vol. 3: - Blood-stained record of the silkworms' growth.

July 21 I ran into the elder priest when I went to the shrine to get some mulberry leaves.

He looked at the worms and said, "These are normal silkworms unlike those found at the shrine."

I wonder if that's true.

July 24 I went to the temple to get mulberry leaves again today.

The elder priest wasn't there, but Miyoshimaru said he saw the twins. I didn't see them, but I know he wouldn't lie. When I returned from the shrine, the silkworms had start spinning cocoons.

July 25 The silkworms started spinning silk yesterday. Today they're cocoons. Miyoshimaru says we just have to wait.

The cocoons are beautiful. They glitter like silver thread in the sunlight.

July 27 The cocoons are just sitting there. Nothing is happening.

I shook them because I was afraid they were dead. They made a rattling sound.

Miyoshimaru laughed and said they'll hatch soon enough.

July 30 The moths have come out at last! After watching them for a while, I decided that it's cruel to shut them in a box.

I was going to take them outside and let them go, but Miyoshimaru stopped me.

He said they can't survive outside.

August 5 They all died as soon as they laid their eggs. Why do they have wings if they can't fly?

14. Shrine Entrance Guide: - old wooden disk covered with writing.

The cocoons eaten by the insects. The eight-legged trap will become fodder for the thief. The defiled will be pierced by a poison fang. The creatures crawling on the ground must deter to the creature in the sky. Black wings will be gnawed to bits. Fur will be ripped off by a child. The child will become a man only to be eaten by a woman.

15. Chinese Zodiac: - Scroll: Chinese Zodiac

Direction is crucial to the arrangement of 12 signs of Chinese Zodiac.

Rooster first - monkey last.

The signs should be as follows:

Left to right - top row.

Right to left - middle row.

Left to right - bottom row.

16. Constellation Map: - Plate inscribed with star names. (The words that has "*" indicates the pronunciation is in Chinese.)

The lock has three parts and each part needs to be unlocked.

1. Point arrow to *xuan wu*. 2. *bai sou* connects with *wei ming*. 3. Point arrow to *xi jing*.

Sounds can also play an important role, listen closely.

17. Big Dipper Map: - Scroll: Big Dipper

Dabhe o | | | | o------- Mizai Mergez Meral | --o-------- o | | | | | | | | | | o-------- \/ Aliath | o | Phelpa | | | o Alkaid

18. Priest's Journal: Vol. 1: - Well-written journal by the elder priest.

For several days now, strange sounds have been emanating from the ground under my feet.

At first I thought I was imagining them, but I hear them more clearly at night when I sleep.

They're very strange - perhaps a cross between agony and pleasure?

They say a creature emerged from the bowels of the Earth, and that this temple was built to prevent it howling. If it has been trapped there for years, no wonder its screams sounds so...sad.

19. Priest's Journal: Vol. 2: - The elder priest, of the shrine, Nyoei's journal.

Lady Fujiwara departed from the manor with many sick people. She said that she was worried about what the sick might do if they were watched, and asked that they be confined to the temple.

I understand that Lady Fujiwara too has contracted the disease.

But the sickness has not destroyed her human kindness.

She reminds me of Confucius saying about sacrificing one's life in an act of charity.

I cannot help but admire her high sense of morality.

20. Scroll: Exorcism: - Scroll: Exorcism

Long ago, a demon did emerge from the bowels of Earth.

It appeared human, but was three meters tall with arms as thick as a woman's waist.

The demon was immortal. Neither swords nor fire could kill it.

One day, a man appeared. He was emaciated and clothed in rags. To the people, who were at their wits' end, he said,

"I will drive that demon away."

The people took one look at the pitiful looking figure and turned away, saying "You would be a fool to embark upon such an entreprise."

The man ignored the people's attempts to stop him. With the hine of a smile on his face, he approached the demon's lair. He pulled a spike from the folds of his clothing and threw it at the demon, penetrating its flesh, riveting it to the wall. Nailed to the wall, the demon shriveled up and died after seven days and seven nights of agony.

The man explained to the people that spikes have the power to suppress demons. He gave them three spikes to use, should the demon reappear, and departed.

The grateful people placed the spikes in the small shrine in the temple, where they have been preserved ever since.

21. Yakushi's Legend: - Stone tablet inscribed with the tale of Yakushi.

The Buddha Emerald Light, The Master of Medicine.

He is the deity who heals the sick. He has a merciful look on his face, and holds a medicine jar in his left hand.

22. Scroll: Silkworm Shrine: - Bamboo cylinder detailing the Shrine origin.

Erected in 830 A.D. Dedicated to the Silkworms.

The first priest planted two mulberries in the garden. He pronounced the two trees that would spring from them sacred, to be revered for all time. The shrine must be watched by a member of the Hata clan. The elder priest shall be named Ashiya.

23. Elegant Diary: - Diary kept by Utsuki as a child.

September 3 Playing the Sugoroku game that father gave us is so much fun!

I'll beat my sister tomorrow.

September 5 The Sugoroku pieces have disappeared!

I've looked everywhere... My sister and I will search for them tomorrow.

I'm sure we'll find them.

September 6 My sister and I searched for them, but were unsuccessful.

We told father what had happened... I found it odd when he said we should stop looking for them.

All I can do now is pray.

Mulberry tree, mulberry tree! Help me find the Sugoroku pieces.

September 10 I still haven't found them. The mulberry tree are malicious.

24. Decorated Diary: - Diary kept by Kureha. Leaves adorn its cover.

September 3 Utsuki loves the Sugoroku game that Father gave her so much! We play far into the night forgetting the time.

Utsuki doesn't get upset when she loses. She praise me when I win and begs me to play another game.

September 5 Utsuki was turning her room upside down. When I asked her why, she said that the Sugoroku pieces had disappeared.

All she does is cry. Tomorrow I'll help her look for them.

September 6 We looked for the Sugoroku pieces, but couldn't find them.

Father scolded Utsuki for making such a fuss and told her to abandon her search.

Her feelings hurt, Utsuki went to bed.

After Utsuki went to bed, Father told me, all of a sudden, that he needed a lock of my hair.

When I asked him why, he said he would use it as a sort of charm to help find the Sugoroku pieces.

It's obvious that Father is very fond of Utsuki.

September 9 Utsuki is praying to the shrine Gods, asking them to find her Sugoroku pieces.

Where could they have gone? They must be inside this room, because no one would have any reason to take them elsewhere?

25. Kureha's Diary: - Blood-spatted diary kept by Kureha.

May 12 When I fell off the cliff, I thought I was going to die. But when I came to, there wasn't a scratch on me.

I thought it was strange awaking in a wicker chest. I asked Utsuki about it, all she did was cry.

So sweet of her to be worried.

October 3 I've been feeling tired and weak for the past few days.

Utsuki keeps asking me if I'm all right. She mustn't find out how bad I really was.

October 13 There are strange marks all over my body. I'm hiding them best I can.

I'm sure my flesh is starting to rot. I've caught that horrible disease! I looked in all my books, but they don't mentioned it.

Utsuki keeps asking me how I feel. I don't like lying.

October 25 Yesterday I met some twins. I don't know when they arrived, but they told me to sleep with the silkworms in the chest for a night. Maybe, I was dreaming but I was desperate, so I did as they said. When I awoke, my body felt normal.

They must have been manifestations of the mulberry God.

November 5 I played with Utsuki today, for the first time in a while.

Perhaps because I hadn't been active for some time, I felt flushed even when night fell.

March 4 "Everything will be all right". The twins said that I'll get better if I get inside the chest again. They said to look for a rat this time, rather than a silkworm.

I must hurry, or my arm will rot and fall off or maybe my legs. I envy Utsuki for her soft, healthy arms, legs and neck.

July 4 When I mentioned the twins to Father, he told me about a ritualistic practice involving resurrection and cocoons.

He said that a revived corpse will start to rot, at which point it must become a cocoon. Each time fusing with a larger creature. This needs to be done nine times.

April 27 When I woke up inside the wicker chest, I realized that it was Utsuki who pushed me off the cliff!

She talks nonsense about irises and poems, while here I am in agony, my body beginning to rot!

Ah I wish I had her healthy skin.

May 7 Today I killed Utsuki. Her body will soon merge with mine

26. Doman's Book: Vol. 1: - Document written by Doman concerning silkworms.

My investigation of the silkworms worshipped at the shrine are nothing like ordinary silkworms.

The parents of the silkworms at this shrine are incarnation of the two mulberry trees. The mulberries on the trees are their eggs. Silkworms born from them have magicial powers.

They can bring back the dead.

But this means they must feed from humans.

This dark magic suits me perfectly.

When the fusion of flesh has occurred nine times, the spell shall be perfected.

When I've mastered this magic formula, you will whore yourself before me!

27. Doman's Book: Vol. 5: - Written by Doman about cocoons and the dead.

Actually, entering a cocoon nine times does not revive the dead.

What does happen is that the dead are reborn as their children - as mulberries.

This spell has always been intended for silkworms, not for humans.

28. Crumpled Note: - Note scribbed by Doman.

Kureha's assimilation has advanced considerably. Soon the Kuon spell will be completed.

I've been waiting so long...

Seimei! I eagerly await your arrival. I can hardly contained my excitement at the thought of our encounter.