Kuon is a wiki based on the PS2 Japanese horror adventure game released in 2004.


Kuon takes place during the Heian-kyo Period of Ancient Japan. There are three main characters. Utsuki (Yin Phase), Sakuya (Yang Phase), and Kureha (Utsuki's sickly sister.) However, once you play through both phases, you can unlock the Kuon Phase and play as Abe no Seimei.

During the Ying Phase, Utsuki and Kureha go to a creepy looking manor in search of their father. However, once there the sisters are separated and the player takes control of Utsuki.

During the Yang Phase, you play as Sakuya, one of Doman's disciples who is also a rare female exorcist. She and fellow apprentices are sent to the manor to investigate the strange occurrences there.

The Kuon Phase will not be discussed in the summary, as it contains plot spoilers.

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